Engraving machine purchase 

Laser engraving machine purchase

To personalize your products in store or on your e-commerce website, you can purchase one of our laser engraving machines. Our laser engraving machine ALYCE was specially designed to fit any luxury retail environment (boutique, corner, travel retail…) as well as a supply chain integration.

Our laser-technology is the only one to allow high-quality engravings on a large panel of materials (glass, leather, cardboard, plastic…) in only a few seconds.

The purchase allows you to optimize your return on investment, generating approximately +30% of sales on your catalog of products.

Here are few examples of how to use our laser engraving machine: offer an engraving for any purchase, events (new product launch, corporate gifts, personalized gifts for “VIP clients”, production of a limited series…), marketing actions during holiday periods (Christmas, Valentine’s Day…), boost your points of sale (ceremonial, customer experience…).

Boutique Personalization - Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Printemps

Example of a purchase

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